Howdy! Nice to Meet Ya!

Welcome to my wee spot on the internets–or is it IN the internets? Welcome to the place where I chat with you from behind my computer screen, and hopefully, you chat back.

I’m Gretch. Here are a few of my favorite things:

  • Jesus. I’ve been actively following Him for 16 years, now, and am more in love, in awe, and grateful to Him than ever.
  • My family. I am crazy about my husband of 27 years, my young adult kids, and my delightfully spoiled, needy dog.
  • Coffee. Generally, I take it black, and at least three cups in the mornings. But I have been known to enjoy a caramel macchiato (and of COURSE) a pumpkin spiced latte on occasion, because I LIVE IN SEATTLE, PEOPLE. We drink coffee well here.
  • Naps. In my book, there is never such thing as a poor time for a nap. In fact, we’ve been known to celebrate 1st nap and 2nd nap around here some days. ¬†Usually in winter. In the dark. In the rain.
  • All things girly: Makeup, jewelry, shoes, handbags, mani-pedis, etc. If it’s pink and sparkly, chances are I like it.
  • Speech Therapy Stuff and Such. I am returning to a career I left over 20 years ago to raise my family. When I left the profession, I was a medically based SLP, serving adults with neurogenic diagnoses (e.g. stroke, brain injury, dementia), as I re-enter the field, I’m now serving children at the preschool and elementary school level. It’s just a 180 degree change. No big deal. I like to think of it as creating new neurological pathways of flexible thinking in my forty-“fine” year old brain.
  • Writing and Quilting. I love to craft with my words and with fabric. I hope to do more of each because creating something from the mental floss in my brain or the scraps in my stash makes my heart sing.